Potato Head Folk- Three Buns Restaurant

I’m still adjusting to my new surroundings, but so far so good. I’m just thankful that I’m gainfully occupied, and the bosses have been very gracious to me.

A month back we celebrated K’s birthday at PHF. Happy belated birthday K! Missing all the laughter now, but we’ll have a good meal very soon. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up like that at least once a month!

I loved the touch of whimsy and quirkiness at PHF. Most importantly, it was well maintained and clean when we were there. However, it’s more of a restaurant than a cafe so it didn’t feel like a place we could linger after lunch.

We got some Naughty Fries to nibble on, and it was surprisingly yummy. They were thick-cut, but not too thick so there were still bits of crispy ends. For the sauce, they tried to do some east-meets-west, fusion thing with the beef chilli and shallots. Pretty good.

For the burger, I chose the Baby Huey. The “notorious T.O.M. Sauce” (their words, not mine) was quite… forgettable. But at least the flavours didn’t mess with the beefiness of the thick, juicy patty sandwiched in the middle. I thought the brioche was pretty good too, and it didn’t get soggy, though hamburger buns would have been fluffier and lighter.

The food was pretty good- slightly pricey but the quality was there. And because I have a small appetite for meat, I found that the burger size was more than enough.

We ended off with a lovely, light cake from the Patissier. Oldie, but goodie.


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