Teuscher- Chocolates of Switzerland

With leftover vouchers that were expiring very soon, I decided to buy some chocolates from Teuscher in Palais Renaissance.

They sell by weight here. My eight bonbons cost me about $32+

Green and red for the festive theme

One got eaten while I was snapping a photo, whoops :X

Out of the three I tried, my favourite was the champagne truffle. A milk chocolate shell encasing soft melt-in-the-mouth bitter dark chocolate ganache and a soft gooey champagne infused centre.


Close to being my favourite ( but the champagne truffle was just a little bit more sophisticated) was the traditional bonbon with griottes. It’s best to pop the whole thing in your mouth or you might just spill the liquer inside the thin chocolate case. The cherry itself is not pitted, so don’t bite too hard!

Expensive little morsels but certainly an option you should consider when you decide to pamper yourself with some luxury chocolates.