Nonya Delicatessen @ Bukit Timah Plaza

Recently Gavin from Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery treated the friend and I to some delicious kueh- but that will be for another post. He mentioned that he hardly saw any posts about kueh on my blog, which is true.

Actually kueh is one of my favourite kinds of desserts because I have this obsession with coconut milk for its nuanced sweetness and coconutty fragrance. It’s just that I can’t be blogging about every single meal in my life right? Haha. But thanks for pointing it out Gavin ๐Ÿ˜‰

My favourite kuehs are kueh tutu and steamed tapioca kueh (I believe it’s kueh ubi kayu in Malay, please correct me if I’m wrong). The former I get from a stall in Beo Crescent Hawker Centreย which is just opposite a fruit stall we patronize weekly, and the latter from Nonya Delicatessen in Bukit Timah Plaza. I blogged about them before, but that was quite awhile back so I guess it would be timely for another post.

The tantalizing counter of sugar-laden foods, all nicely packaged for take-away.ย 

Prices here are on the high-side for what they offer so do check out the prices first before buying. The owner is one of the best salespersons I know. He’ll convince you to buy everything!!

Of all their goodies, I highly recommend their kueh ubi kayu (steamed tapioca kueh, the yellow ones), kueh bengka ubi (baked tapioca cake, bottom right) and kueh salat (kaya kueh). The latter two are not the best of the best but I would reckon, ย one of the best in their respective categories. But their kueh ubi kayu (I emphasize, the yellow ones, not the brown or green ones) are the bestย in my books.

Thick slabs of soft, fall-apart-tender kueh with the natural sweetness of tapioca and coconut milk, coated with fresh dessicated coconut. Amazing stuff. If you are not convinced, ask the owner what it is and look a little hesitant after you hear the description. He’ll most probably pass you a sample.

I was stupid enough to mix that day. No. Just buy the yellow ones. The pandan version is good, but the au natural version is GREAT.

Our loot for the day!

Desserts are all lovingly homemade (by the lady boss I believe?). Many a time I was turned away without any kueh ubi kayu because everything was sold out. Don’t go away disappointed, come early!