Toronto- getting to know the neighbourhood

During our visit to Toronto last year, we met up with relatives (whom I never saw before actually).

They live in a beautiful house, complete with a veranda, backyard and den in the basement. What a dream!

At first sight the garden seemed like a mess but upon closer inspection, I noticed small random patches of vegetables and herbs growing.

They share their little harvest of herbs, tomatoes and chillis with their neighbours, who in return would share some of their own ‘crops’ too.

Some of these stuff can be grown here in SG but the humidity makes gardening such a painful process…

These grape vines belong to their neighbour and apparently they make their own wine with the grapes!

The roads in their neighbourhood are really wide.

“Walking is good exercise!” That’s what my aunt said though we could have easily driven to our lunch destination.

Well, walking is a breeze when you are sauntering through a park, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying warmth of sun.

This building with graffiti scrawled all over the walls caught my attention- I’m assuming it’s part of the design!

The relatives used to live in Vietnam. They come here for delicious and affordable vietnamese cuisine pretty often. I had never eaten Vietnamese food before at that point in time, and neither had my parents so we left the ordering to the relatives.

I found a new love for pho, because of the slippery rice noodles, and for the huge plate of lush green Vietnamese herbs that could accompany just about any dish on the table.

We had a great time. Nothing beats meeting more of the family and enjoying a great meal with them (: