Mad about bingsu!

The best friends and I LOVE Korean food. These days, we have been hunting for the perfect bowl of bingsu. We had some pretty good ones in Korea (not all were good) so we are hoping to relive some of those happy memories here. 

Cafe Insadong serves pretty good bingsu. Though the milk ice was a little gritty, the condensed milk and ice cream covered it up. The taro and red bean pastes were both excellent. If there were more ice, the proportions would have been perfect. 

Bing go Jung is also pretty good. I liked their injeolmi, which was a beautiful balance of multigrain powder, ice, crunchy almond flakes, chewy rice cakes and condensed milk. The condensed milk is a must, it’s not optional. It had a special caramel popcorn flavour that was very pleasant with the multigrain powder. Plus points for the lovely lady who acceded my request for more multigrain powder!! ( I always asked for more in Korea haha)

Tom n toms’ left much to be desired. The ice wasn’t a milk ice and it was waaaaay too gritty. The colorful balls of tang yuan and raw cashews didn’t help…

  My best bingsu experience is still at nunsongyee. The milk ice was perfectly light and feathery, and the red bean was not too sweet. If only they had a green tea option…

I hope everyone is doing well! Now that I’ve discovered this wordpress app on my phone, maybe I’ll update more often 😀


2 thoughts on “Mad about bingsu!

  1. I think it’s a tad expensive in SG! I like it because of the shaved milk ice and multi-grain powder. But I agree it’s not very difficult to make, or very different from our traditional ice kachang 😉

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