Korea 2014: Beautiful Udo

My idea of a good holiday would involve some sort of outdoor activity. There’s nothing better than breathing in fresh air, absorbing gorgeous views of the countryside, and working out those stiff muscles.

Udo Island is off Jeju Island- about a 10-15min ferry ride from Seongsan (Sunrise Peak) Port. The process of buying tickets is fairly self explanatory. You just need to know what you want. Many people ask me if we had communication problems when we were in Korea. To be honest, no. For one, we had the Olleh Wifi Egg (something that every traveller should get) so getting directions to a certain destination was not a problem. At the most we’ll find the relevant korean words and ask people, or just cab. Oh, and do purchase the T-money card in Seoul. It is the same concept as our ez-link, or london’s oystercard. Works for buses and subways even in Jeju (buses) and Busan.

Anyway, back to Udo Island.

The best way to explore the place is to rent a bike. Bike rental shops are located right at the port of arrival. Sure, there are scooters, ATVs and whatnot but those are more expensive, more environmentally unfriendly and why, WHY do you want to speed through the beautiful countryside when there is so much to see?! We rented our bikes for 4 hours (actually we exceeded the time but they didn’t charge us anything extra) at 15k won if I’m not wrong. I learned cycling 2 days before I left for Korea. One of the better decisions I’ve made haha. Traffic was pretty light but I stopped many times when the ATVs or cars felt too close for comfort. Accidents on a holiday are not funny, and I wasn’t going to take any chances. As for directions, the bike rental shop will give you a simple map. Just follow the circumference of the island and you’ll be fine.

And now, for some photos!



Starting our day well at Yeha Guesthouse (Terminal). One of our favourite hostels for the trip.


Seongsan (Sunrise Peak) in the distance. We’ve climbed it before so we didn’t bother doing it again. It has gorgeous views of Jeju by the way so do it if it’s your first time in Jeju!

Spotting the women divers (Haenyo) hard at work as we left for Udo.

Beautiful Udo (:

Birds of a feather flock together. We couldn’t resist these red bean pancakes sold at a stand at the port.

Made photostops every few minutes. There’s a reason why we took 4+ hours to cover 13km.


Traffic was a little iffy near the ports but other than that, the beachside roads were most peaceful, and there is a marked cycling path. Just go slow and stop when necessary if you aren’t a confident cyclist like me.


Spotted more women divers in the distance. Spent a good 10 minutes observing them behind the lighthouse. They worked all the way through while we had lunch, and even after we left. It’s really not an easy job.


A seafood stew that took some getting used to. Still not exactly sure what we ate haha (beyond the usual abalone, clams and mussels…). But we can’t leave udo/jeju without trying their seafood!

Retreating indoors for (a more normal looking) peanut ice cream (milk soft serve with a generous shower of crushed roasted peanuts) and iced sweet potato latte. Peanuts are a specialty in Udo.


My bike, and that heart!

Told youu Udo is beautiful


Even the bikes here are photogenic


Udo’s white sandy beach.


Bought back some very special peanut jam. Sweet, sticky, and so aromatic because of the crushed roasted peanuts.


Decided not to try the speedboat but it looked like so much fun! (never mind, we got to do it at Nami island anyway :D)


Did a short walk up the slope to the Lighthouse. We were treated with amazing panoramic views all the way.



The slope is quite gentle. A fairly easy (and short) walk up even if you are unfit.


Blooming Azaleas. Spring and summer time beauty.



At the top, make a wish.


Sunning garlic.

Leaving udo. Thanks for being so good to us!