Vietnam 2011: The Mekong River

Set off at the jetty, where all tourists get their rides from. We were going to visit the islands you see on the map.

Waters may be slightly polluted, but the vastness of the river that runs through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam (10th largest in the world) did impress quite a bit. It was, and is the lifeblood of many civilisations.

The Cần Thơ Bridge which finished building in 2010

Churning out molten coconut candy

Coconut candy is a small cottage industry here. From the making to the packing, everything is done in a small open-aired kitchen.

Handicrafts sold here are done mostly by women. This stemmed from the days of war, when men had to leave home to fight. Many women supported their households by selling handicrafts.

Had a sumptuous spread of tropical fruits harvested from tortoise island. Pomelos, Pineapple, Chiku slices, logans, and jackfruit.

Sitting the sampan back to our boat

Multi-purpose hats: shield yourself from the sun, light drizzles, or use it as a basket to carry stuff.

Our skilled rower, maneuvering through the narrow waterways

Caught her by surprise there! I quickly apologised of course, and instead of glaring at me she flashed me a huge smile (:

Attap-Chee trees, or Nipa palms flanking the waterway

The innards of its fruit

I helped to row the boat too! It’s no easy feat I assure you

Speeding through the Mekong once more