Mooncakes 2014: Tai Cheong Kok; Shangri-La

So the mooncakes have come and gone. Here are two more traditional  mooncakes that we had at home.

Shangri-La’s white lotus double yolk came in a super luxe packaging. Goodness. The lotus paste was really soft and smooth, not gummy or too sweet. Pretty good.

But my favourite is still Tai Cheong Kok’s delicious red bean mooncakes. The red bean paste freckled with crunchy melon seeds was moist, sweet, and smooth. I know, comparing red bean paste with lotus seed paste is like comparing apples with oranges. But red bean paste is 10 times more delicious than lotus seed paste hehe. There was something different about the skin of Tai Cheong Kok mooncakes too. They were baked to a darker brown than the usual, and it was actually a bit soft and fluffy. Maybe it was because the mooncakes were  fresh so the skin was still light.

We like to visit the original tai cheong kok outlet at chinatown. There, the mooncakes don’t come vacuum packed with silicone packs so they really don’t keep for long. You can also buy them individually if you wish.