Bali 2014: Candidasa

Capped off the long break with a short trip to Bali in July. It was just the cousin – the same one I went Australia with- and I so I was a bit apprehensive as usual. But as it turned out, everything went swimmingly.

Most people immediately associate Bali with a beach holiday but we were definitely looking for more than that. Skipped Kuta and Seminyak because I didn’t want to jostle through crowds. The cousin gave me full reign over trip planning this round so I went ahead and picked the lesser known Candidasa because I read they had good snorkelling sites, and Ubud.

After a gruelling journey to Candidasa (we realised that Bali is actually pretty huge!), which is located in the east, we finally reached our accomodation, Puri Bagus Candidasa. I think this is one of the best kept accomodations in Candidasa. The whole area is a little run-down, like a forgotten town that has seen better days. There is honestly nothing to do here besides snorkelling, diving, and fishing. But because of that, dining in restaurants are a quiet, peaceful affair. There’s no touting in the area (I was told it is quite bad in Kuta and Seminyak) and snorkelling sites are not crowded at all. Perfect for a 2-3 day break.

Our days in Candidasa went something like this…

Waking up bright and early for hotcakes (thick, fluffy pancakes studded with fruit like gooey bananas are juicy pineapple)- snorkelling around the area, admiring the waters which were teaming with fish – hiking through rice paddies and admiring mount agung in the distance- lazing around in our gorgeous villa which had an open-aired shower!- dining in restaurants with main courses and two rounds of dessert.

Do note that the waters here are very choppy especially closer to the Gili Islands, and we unfortunately saw some plastic at Blue lagoon which was closer to shore. The reefs were also damaged because in the past, locals blasted the reefs to catch the fish. That said, the number of fish we saw was incredible. Rainbowfish were aplenty especially at blue lagoon. Our skipper passed us bread, and we stupidly left it dangling in our hands. Can you imagine hundreds of those little fish rushing for us? They were ferocious hahaha. Another note is that Puri Bagus is located right at the black sandy shores, or whatever is left of it… Most restaurants have a pickup service for dinner, or charge a small fee (a dollar?) for lunch. Just let reception know and everything would be arranged for you. We had a very relaxing time at Candidasa. Next time I’ll visit Amed which is even further east. And I would definitely go on a fishing trip. We saw a couple pull up to shore with a huge mahi mahi!More about Ubud in another post~