Baker & Cook- once or twice is never enough

Before the internships started I found myself wandering into Baker & Cook countless times for a tea time snack, lunch or breakfast. The buzz never seems to abate here. I like it best when there’s still enough space for me to eat at the communal table, but the shop is not too empty such that the attention of the service staff is focused on me. The latter is one reason why I love cafes. Sitting around for a couple of hours is a norm rather than an exception.

Anyway back to the delicious offerings this humble bakery has to offer.

Jam donut (Do you spell it as donut, or doughnut?)

It’s done the old-school way- fluffy yeast donut tossed in course sugar and jam-packed with tart jam (pun intended hehe).

Lemon Tart

Now this is one awesome lemon tart, second only to the lemon brulee tart at Marmalade Pantry which I had the opportunity to sample (and finish) during a media invite.

Two things I look out for in my lemon tarts:

The custard must be molten, smooth (no lumps please!), and flavour-wise I like it really sour. Secondly the crust must be crumbly (with a slight crunch), buttery and not wafer thin.

Well I must say all my expectations were satisfied with this lemon tart. That said I find $5 on the pricey side for such a small tart.

Tartines: Pain Miche Bread; melted mozzarella, basil pesto, tomato salsa and fresh basil;  Egg mayo, avocado with capers and cress

Open-faced sandwiches, french-style. Refreshing, nutritious stuff. But if you’re on a budget stick to the pastries/ viennoisseries. If you have to try the bread, choose the turkish pide. The best of the lot IMO.

This was probably fresh out of the freezer because the frosting seemed a little stiff. The last time I had it the frosting was really smooth and silky. Again I reiterate, if you like a stronger taste of cream cheese and a huge portion (like me) go for cedele’s carrot cake. It’s one of my ultimate comfort foods!

Blackberry Frangipane Tart

If you like butter and almonds, frangipane tarts are for you. Amongst those offered I recommend their rhubarb, or blackberry frangipane tarts.

Can’t remember whether this was very berry or vitamin burst. I felt really healthy drinking this haha.

Their chocolate eclair is a no for me. I don’t like the hard choux or the pastry cream in the middle. I still haven’t found good eclairs around yet (recommendations anyone?). Give Sadaharu Aoki a try if you’re in Taipei/ Paris/ Tokyo and you’ll get what I mean!

Granted, prices are not cheap here. Do check if there are discounts available. There was some 30%/ 40% citibank discount (I can’t remember) going on awhile back and that saved me quite a bit of money!

Also, look out for Dean Brettschneider, the guy in charge of this whole operation. He’s a star back in NZ (Judge of New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker, you can watch it on youtube) but here he’s always dressed in a casual t-shirt, just doing what he does best (:

On a separate note, I’m blogging from Boston. Just flew in from NY yesterday and the weather is wonderful! Will be traveling alone sometimes so keep me in prayer (: