Berlin: Fassbender & Rausch

Read that Berlin had many cafes but unfortunately winter made it difficult to track all of them down. However one of the more memorable cafes that I visited was Fassbender & Rausch, a local institution for anything related to chocolate and it has received Tripadvisor’s stamp of approval. To me, it is the equivalent of Confiserie Sprüngli in Switzerland- tending towards being commercialised but still, decent chocolate.

They have a hot chocolate selection differentiated by the type of single origin chocolate used. Now that’s interesting. Puerto Cabello 43%, El Cuador 70% and Tembadoro 80%. I went for the strongest simply because the milk added in would dumb down the bitterness of the cacao anyway. While the drink was most definitely bitter, and decent with a good mouthfeel, I don’t remember it having the complexity of flavour like the hot chocolate of Un Dimanche à Paris. But then again, I didn’t make notes and was probably more absorbed with the conversation to take mental notes anyway so don’t take my comments too seriously.

Cakes were most definitely a miss. Flavours and combinations were too predictable. Way too much gelatin (the bane of mass production) resulting in a stiff mousse. You’ll find it okay if you haven’t had anything from (singapore) k ki, patisserie G, (Paris) Pierre Herme, Cafe Pouchkine- Patisseries that dole out excellent mousses.

Picked up a couple of interesting alcoholic truffles and bonbons before I left. Consumed them within the next few days heh. Honestly not too bad and I like the selection available. Enjoyed the Kirsh and the Kir Royal– strong and I love the fruity acidity from both.

Overall it was not too bad of an experience, and the shop downstairs is definitely the best place to get chocolate souvenirs of Berlin.

Been on a chocolate craze recently (hmm I guess I’ve always been on a chocolate craze). Invested in a couple of Single origins while I was traveling and a lot more easy-to-consume-and-devour chocolate from Läderach, Sprüngli, and Lindt. My fridge is so full of chocolate that I’m also shocked that I bought so much chocolate for myself hahaha.