The Dunearn

I always thought no one visits The Dunearn because it’s tucked away off bukit timah road, up on top of a little hill. Well I was quite wrong, the place filled up quickly minutes after Hui Yuan and I arrived. All adults, probably working in campus just a few steps away. Thankfully I didn’t meet any profs 😛

I can’t remember all the prices and stuff, but you can refer to Hui Yuan’s blog for the details. Suffice to say you get to pick 3 ala carte items, for just $49 (can’t rmb if it’s with gst or not). It’s not one of those mass-produced set lunches which sometimes don’t accurately represent how good a restaurant is (though they do have it to if you really want…).

One point I must really commend the staff and the kitchen is how accomodating they are to the customer’s needs. When Hui Yuan asked if the soup of the four course meal could be switched to an appetizer, the waitress checked with the kitchen who promptly acceded to our request. There is a price difference actually, but it’s great that they didn’t harp on it. Also when Hui Yuan requested for no nuts in her salad, they changed the order without even batting an eyelid.

I’ll only be posting on what I tasted. If you want to see the other stuff that hui yuan tried, just head down to her blog 😉

Baked Oysters with Comté Cheese & Wilted Spinach (4 pcs)

Of the two, I preferred this. I think oysters taste best cooked in their shells. The natural juices of the oyster diluted the otherwise heavy cheese leaving just the right level of creaminess that went pleasantly well with oyster meat. The strip of wilted spinach helped to balance out all the rich flavours. Best of all, the dish is served piping hot and it stayed so for quite awhile.

This was so memorable that Hui Yuan and I continued texting about it after our meal!

The Tuna Tempura was decent and pretty innovative but I guess the cheese kinda overwhelmed my tastebuds. Well, it paled in comparison to my delicious oysters 😛 Still, I like that it was nice and raw inside. More nori would have certainly been welcomed-it’s just me I have a soft spot for seaweed.

Oven Baked Chilean Cod with Blue Ginger Red Wine Sauce & Almond Rice Ball

I hate it when restaurants cheat my expectations. Almond rice ball? More like 2-3 spoonfuls of oily fried rice sitting on top of almond silvers. Didn’t help that Chilean Cod itself is really oily too. But I did like the blue ginger red wine sauce. The tang helped to cut through all the oil. Hui Yuan was also very impressed by the crispy fish skin (yea, I don’t eat fish skin. Habit acquired from mum). I suppose that’s the draw for most people! I realise I don’t particularly like cod because it’s too oily for me and the flesh itself isn’t very tasty. Didn’t help that the cod didn’t taste particularly fresh. Next time I’m sticking to my fav fishes like trout/salmon/garoupa.

Red Bean Custard with Coconut Broth & Soya Milk Ice Cream

Of all the desserts I’ve had this year, I think this has got to be the best by far. The soft mushy red bean custard, the light chilled coconut broth redolent with chewy sago pearls, the smooth soya milk ice cream and the malt sugar ( I think) shards speckled with sesame seeds. Now this is a stellar dessert. The only little problem might be those malt sugar shards. I don’t really fancy stuff that get stuck to my teeth. But I’ll overlook this little problem since it contributes a lot to the presentation of the dessert.

Do I like the Dunearn. But of course! Didn’t hit jackpot with my mains but the appetizers and dessert will certainly be enough to make me come back. Maybe second time’s the charm?