Taiwan 2012: Crispy pancakes filled with custard

We roamed around in night markets every day for our trip with a cup of bubble tea at hand, and with loads street food within reach.

The one snack that gets me reminiscing about the happy times in taiwan is crispy pancakes filled with custard.

Perhaps it was because we were ravenous that day after a long flight from home, but these mini custard pancakes from Kobayashi really impressed. Made a la minute, the molten custard oozes out as soon as you take a bite off this mini morsel.

The pancake batter was just a little chewy, and soaked with smooth buttery custard. Certainly one of the better ones I’ve had to date.

We stumbled upon this store at the outdoor part of Shilin Market. The pancakes are sold so quickly that you are almost guaranteed a freshly made one.

They do two flavours, red bean and custard. Just look at the amount of filling they load up into each pancake!

I favoured the custard over the red bean because I thought the red bean wasn’t sweet enough and a little dried up. The custard was thick, and eggy. Taste-wise not as refined as the one at Kobayashi but still delicious nonetheless. The volume of custard filled in each crispy pancake is enough to satisfy!