Amsterdam 2013: De Reiger

After checking off some touristy must-dos in Amsterdam, I was glad we did something less conventional and ventured into the Jordaan district. At nightfall, the entire place was very quiet as opposed the buzz at Dams Square. It is very much a residential district. The dutch seemed unfazed by the walking passers-by (like us) peering into their windows. Their curtains were drawn wide open!

De Reiger (Dutch for the Heron) was full when we got there but lucky for us we didn’t have to wait long. It was bustling with locals that night, a stark contrast to the quiet and almost empty street outside.

Our bread basket was promptly sent to the table with the menus.

Thin slices of bread toasted till crisp served with a tasty olive tapenade.

I never take down notes or anything so I can’t remember what my dish was! Mostly in dutch anyway aha. But I do remember why I liked it. Generous portion, filleted well (no bones and the cut was clean), crisp skin nicely seasoned. Sides were balanced too. Baby vegetables and oyster mushrooms served with bouncy flourballs (no idea what’s that) that soaked up the buttery sauce quite nicely.

The friend’s venison which he approved of.

but I think the most value for money were the ribs. The portion was huge!! tasted good too. The friends polished off everything but the fries served alongside were neglected because we were too full.

We spent about 17-21 euros each for our mains. Not cheap (though for a dinner in Amsterdam I think this price is very reasonable) but the food’s honest, portions are hearty and the atmosphere is jolly and fun. No one cares about how loudly you laugh, really. A great place to kick back and relax. it’s very popular with the locals so make reservations if possible.