New York 2012: cupcake, cookie, donut, cheesecake

I decided to try all the most calorific desserts I knew since I was in NYC. Truth be told? I enjoyed every single bit of the indulgence 😉 All huge, not classy at all, but I kind of understand the craze over donuts, cookies and cheesecake there. Not the cupcakes though. I still don’t get that one haha.

A classic made better with deliciously non-acidic bittersweet chocolate (i love the blend!). This is THE chocolate chip cookie to waste your calories on- a creation of Mr Chocolate himself, Jacque Torres (went to the one in the Rockefeller centre). It’s the crunchy kind with bittersweet chocolate swirled into the batter. No other textures involved, but I enjoyed it. Plus point, it was huge!

Georgetown cupcake was such a disappointment. The sugar-filled swirls of buttercream didn’t agree with my tastebuds at all. The only saving grace would be their fine-crumbed cake bases. Flavours? *yawn* They need to watch cupcake wars for some inspiration.

Junior’s cheesecake (there’s one in the Grand Central Terminal) was SO SO delicious and more-ish. I know, the strawberry glaze looks a little… shocking but I would give it the status of comfort food. Smooth, creamy filling with a thick biscuit crust. It’s ginormous… but it’s strangely satisfying to take huge forkfuls and still see a lot of cake, haha.

My jelly-filled donut from the Donut Plant. Bought it off Dean & Deluca cuz I didn’t have the time to visit the main outlet. A tad dry because of that but still, it’s soft, pillowy and there’s jelly inside! Plus how can I say no to a square donut?

Hurricane Sandy did a lot of damage to New York but I was so touched by how the locals are responding to the crisis (click here). Stay safe, and I’ll be keeping you guys in prayer 😉