Tim Ho Wan @ Westgate

Popped by THW for tea just because there was no queue. I haven’t tried THW so no, I can’t tell you if the ‘standard’ matches that of Hong Kong or for that matter, PS and Bedok Mall.

The baked bun with BBQ pork was pretty awesome though. The sugary crust was thin, crispy, and the bread was soft and thin too. The sticky filling was more reddish (think of the color of our charsiew) rather than the deep caramelised brown I was expecting. Still delicious though- not too fatty or sweet.

Fortunately the steam egg cake came first because it’s good – fluffy, fragrant and not too sweet- but it can’t possibly compare to the baked buns.

After watching our movie, we returned to find a long snaking queue (it was only 7pm!). Looks like this will be a place for tea, and nothing else, for me haha.