Dona Manis Cake Shop

Dona Manis is a humble little bakery at the basement of Katong Shopping Centre that has been doling out fresh bakes for years. A cute old couple runs this place and they still bake everything till this day.

I’ve eaten banana cream pies, banoffees (Carpenter & Cook spoiled me), and chocolate banana cake, but for whatever reason, this coconut-banana combination is a first for me.

And…. I love it! 

The filling wasn’t too sweet and I liked the bite from the soft bananas that were sliced into chunks, rather than mashed into a mush. The buttery, and crumbly pie crust was flecked with dessicated coconut and dusted with almonds. The flavour combination is new for me, but also strangely warm, and comforting. It’s like we’ve met before somewhere??

Judging by the aesthetics of the pie, I’d say the baker has gotten lots of practice over the years.

They also sell other bakes like cheesecakes, cream horns, chocolate tarts, apple pie and the like. The ingredients are not premium but Dona Manis offers very simple, down-to-earth flavours at extremely affordable prices. Can’t wait to try the rest!