Saveur @ Far East Plaza

my exams are OVER. YES! I think I worked too hard this sem. I’m getting old.


Being indecisive we hung around after the exams for a good hour before finally leaving for town. It was a toss between Saveur and Sushi Bar, and by a stroke of luck, we actually scored seats for both places after a less than 5 minute wait. We chose the former in the end.

For the price I thought the quality of the food we got that day was great. I mean, the duck confit could have been less salty, the angel hair pasta was a little hard (for me) and could have been served chilled. But we enjoyed everything we got! Wiped every plate clean. The stand-out for me was definitely the salmon confit. A moist, tender slice of confit salmon (which came across as almost raw) marinated with a lemon dressing that gave it a pleasant, light, lemony zing at the end. The side of green apple and fennel salad was a good crunchy accompaniment. I realise this is probably a recreation of Tetsuya’s Ocean Trout Recipe (with salmon as a replacement). Going to try this at home some day!