My favourite red bean bun

I have a penchant for red bean buns or red bean baos. Well, basically anything that has red bean tastes good to me. It’s really easy to make at home I know but it is a pretty tedious and messy process of soaking it the night before, boiling it till it becomes a soft mash and sieving it. If I want red bean buns, I’ll still have the buns to make…. that’s a lot of work! So most of the time, I’ll just buy them outside. The problem is the filling’s usually tooth-achingly sweet and too little. But I think I’ve found the best red bean bun from Petit Provence that meets all my expectations: a thin layer of chewy bread with a generous amount of  chunky red bean paste that is sweet but not overwhelmingly so.

Note: this is called Brown rice red bean bun! It’s much better that the usual anpans in my opinion because the bread in this case is much tastier and chewier. The anpans boast a more fluffy crumb and the filling’s less too. Try lifting this bun off the tray in comparison to a usual anpan and you’ll get what I mean

So while you’re having your breakfast, here are some smiles to kickstart your day!

Oh yes, I got a new toy recently. Film’s a tad expensive tho. Does anyone know where I can get the cheapest rates?