My Cosy Corner- Popiah

Exams are almost over, 1 paper left! Time flies when you’re busy don’t you agree?

Popiah’s one of my comfort foods. My grandma makes a version that isn’t sold outside, unfortunately. She mixes finely diced long beans, julienned carrots and tiny mashed up bits of tau kwa, and stews them in a huge pot for a really long time. My popiah-assembling skills were quite horrible when I was younger. Till now I still cant make the perfect popiah that can be sliced, without the filling spilling all over the plate! But who cares, at home I eat it with my hands anyway.

My Cosy Corner sells a version that everyone’s more familiar with. They stew julienned bang kuang and carrot for the filling. They also add bits of crunchy batter, raw onions, fried onions, raw beansprouts and boiled egg when assembling the popiah. The result is a sweet-savoury filling, texturally both crunchy (from the fried batter) and chewy because of the thin popiah skin. If you’re game, I recommend asking for some chili. I believe they use bird’s eye chili in the concoction because of the numbing effect it has on the tongue.

I won’t say it’s the best popiah in Singapore, or something worth travelling for from the east. The friend once lamented to me that it’s pricey for $2.20.

I agree, but I like it anyway! It’s comfort food at its best for me.

Address: Coronation Plaza, Bukit Timah, Level 2