Winter Vacation 2013: Roma

Years ago I tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain wishing for a return and I did. At that point I just finished secondary school, and now I’m almost done with uni! Goodness. 

The impressive National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II or Alter of the Fatherland. This place is huge and the white marble, huge statues, flowy stairways and corinthian columns made it stand out. We walked past quite often because it’s on the way from our hotel to the busiest shopping street in town, Via del Corso. 

While I was too lazy to compile any list of restaurants, I made sure I had a list for gelato. It wasn’t difficult to find websites that listed gelato shops within the proximity of tourist attractions. Apparently I’m not the only one crazy over sugar 😀

The seasonal chestnut flavour from Fior di Luna was great!

It was amusing to see tourists flocking to the gelaterias that were facing the Trevi Fountain. Felt like shouting to them ‘FOLLOW ME!!!’ Il Gelato di San Crispino is just round the corner.

Inside the Colosseum. We had a good time trying to imagine what it was like. We were confused over where the seats were… where the king sat… where the stage was (the stuff at the centre is actually the underground tunnel).

The Trevi Fountain. Who watched the Lizzie Mcguire Movie??

The Pantheon. 

Spent a full day in Vatican City (Our day starts at 10.30am…). Sistine Chapel was quite amazing but so were Raphael’s Rooms. The School of Athens was an interesting piece but what was truly beautiful to me, was The deliverance of St. Peter. 

I knew that I saw this sphere before but I couldn’t quite figure out where. Turns out there is another one at Trinity College, Dublin.

And our day ended at St. Peter’s BasilicaMichelangelo’s Pietà. This guy was an architect, painter, sculptor etc. I would even call him a theologian (check out his works in the Sistine Chapel)!

Our last dinner ended with a decent cup of tiramisu.

We enjoyed a smooth flight back. SQ had christmas-themed dishes. Stuffed turkey, yum!