Bloomsbury Bakers II

It’s a pity that Bloomsbury Bakers is so inaccessible. I really like their stuff! We left with a fairly good impression of their cakes last round, and this time around, I liked our choices even more. 

Their Red Velvet is easily the best I’ve had. I used to think red velvets were a sham: weak chocolate cakes masquerading as something special when they are so ordinary. At worst, it can turn out all bread-like, with an almost non-existent chocolate flavour.

But I love it when I eat something that changes all my pre-conceived notions of it. This red velvet was a very tender and moist cake, with a light chocolatey flavour, and the thinnest, zesty cream cheese frosting to hold everything together. They sprinkle crunchy, toasted coconut flakes on top when they serve it. Very yummy, a must-try. 

Since our last visit they have also released a whole range of goodies revolving around speculoos. I love lotus biscuits, and I become some uncontrollable speculoos (or speculaas) monster whenever the crunchy lotus biscoff spread is placed in front of me. Since I can get a larger bottle of biscoff spread for $9 tops, I decided to resist and not buy this home-made version.

But I comforted myself with this speculoos cheesecake which tasted fabulous. An ultra creamy cheesecake with light swirls of speculoos spread, a crunchy speculoos biscuit base, and a speculoos crumble with more speculoos spread drizzled over. It was screaming SPECULOOS in a cheesecake way. Another must-try.

The friend and I were giddy with excitement after our impromptu visit. Can’t wait to return for more!