Crystal Jade Palace Restuarant @ Takashimaya

Bamboo Clams, steamed with lots and lots of diced garlic and soy.

Expensive because it cost $16 for one portion, but definitely a must for those in a mood to splurge. Simple clean flavours that accompany the crunchy texture of the clam. A perfect starter that got the expectations running high.

The typical three-eggs veggie dish that we always get. Cooked in stock and generously topped off with 3 types of eggs -chicken egg, preserved duck egg and century egg- this huge bowl was wiped clean without posing much of a problem. How can something so healthy taste so good? Yet, there was a lingering reminder of Putien’s awesome rendition. The stock used at Putien seemed more flavourful and they did use the right veggies; the type that soak up all that stock so much so you grab a bunch with your chop-sticks and slurp everything up- you know what I mean!

We all agree on tofu, always, so mum immediately asked if there were any good ones on the menu. Tofu and mushrooms?? That’s a no-brainer, I’ll take that thank you very much.

It turned out to be pretty good, the insides of the tofu was nice and silky smooth. I’ve tasted better and the mushrooms were nothing to shout about. But yes, order it if you have to. I reckon it’s the starchy sauce used. It was too pedestrian to leave much of an impression.

Again, another prime example of how a premium ingredient only needs  to be dressed up minimally. Steamed Sun Hock that cost i think around $56? It was huge though with lots of meat, filled us up easily.

the tang yuans here are ginormous! Tender skins albeit a little thick, but a generous amount of sesame filling that really hit the spot. Thumbs-up for this.