Jewels Artisan Chocolate

I love chocolate, but I love macarons more.

A round up of all the macarons

my favourite? Raspberry! It’s a classic Ispahan combination sans lychee bits. Aromatic rose cream with Raspberry conserve smacked in the middle. Some may think its boring, guys may find it too feminine but it certainly satisfies the Ispahan fiend in me (:

Raspberry: see the delicious raspberry conserve?

Indisputably, the most unique of the lot would be the Black Palm Island salt. The combition sounds odd: salted egg with almond cream between sweet macaron shells? But it came through pretty well, kudos to the chef for such a visionary combination! Having said that, it was a little too salty and overwhelming for me, a person who dislikes salty stuff. Mum found it a little confusing, haha.

From top: Raspberry, Green Tea and Black Palm Island Salt

Passion Fruit was probably one of the best authentic passion fruit macarons I ever had. Absolutely love the tangy passion fruit conserve in the middle 😀

Having tried all the rest, green tea came across as too mild. Lesson learnt: start with green tea and end with Black Palm Island Salt. Butterfly Pea Bloom sounded sweet and cute but I didnt like it at all unfortunately. The combination of kaya and pandan almond cream just didn’t work out for me 😦

The macarons here are possibly the closest I can find to pierre herme in Singapore. Crisp shells, a moist cake-like layer within the shells, unusual fillings which surprise me and are overall not cloyingly sweet. My only grouses are the shells are not puffy enough (ie the feet are not prominent enough) and hence the cake-like layer encased within is not as satisfying as I would like it to be, plus I would love to have more fillings please! And being a place specialising in chocolate, shouldn’t there be a chocolate flavoured macaron as well ;_;

sliced up, ready for sharing with mum and dad (:

Well, the chef must have seen my longing look as I stared at her chocolates ( a student like me can only afford to eat these macarons in two days back to back and bring home a box as well).

Nama Chocolate

Nama Chocolates can only be a success if the chocolate used is of extremely high quality. I watched how they make these chocolates before on discovery travel and living, the technique is relatively simple ( frozen ganache, dipped in ganache again before dusting with some cacao powder). Unfortunately, one bite easily distinguishes whether the chocolate used was good. My verdict? Lovely aroma, smooth and not painful to the throat. Excellent.

I’ll be back for the chocolates (: