[Media Invite]: STREET 50 Restaurant and Bar @ Bay Hotel

Rumah Rasa got a revamp so Dennis kindly invited me again to try their new offerings.

Indonesian dishes are still part of the menu and yes Chef Sharifah is still cooking in the kitchen but I heard that you can expect some European twist to the usual lamb rendang. Perhaps the biggest change is the ‘global’ dimension to the menu. It features all kinds of cuisines- italian, american, french, thai etc.

Hey they even have a pot pie and Kilkenny beer– that’s Irish!

The new kitchen is helmed by Chef Ricky who is trained in French cuisine but has tried his hand at Asian cuisine as well. 

Caprese ($12)

The Caprese I’m used to would be layers of milky buffalo mozzarella, super sweet tomatoes and pesto. Street 50 does a reinterpretation by wrapping the tomatoes with parma ham. Well you guys know I love things sweet. So while I think the balsamic reduction was good (sweet, duh), I would still prefer the original interpretation hehe. More buffalo mozzarella would be welcome too.

That said, sticking to the classics would be against the tenor of the new menu. I’m sure some of you would like this twist.

(sorry I gave up trying to ‘rescue’ the photo. The dish looks much better in real life trust me)

Hazelnut Escargot, Half Dozen ($14)

Recently, I’ve been eating ‘new’ things haha. The aussie friends were shocked that I never had frogs legs so yup, I was forced to try some the other day.

At Street 50 I got escargots, i.e. snails. It tasted like er, clams to me. Here they stuff the shells with hazelnut butter, loads of garlic and it’s flambéed with brandy at the tableside. A must-try! Delicious when smeared on the complimentary bread rolls.

Lamb Veronique ($32)

I would have preferred the lamb to be more pink in the middle but other than that it was good. The grape sauce (told you there is a twist with every dish) was delicious, and the grapes even more so! I forgot about the grapes so when I first saw the dish I actually thought there were sliced hotdogs in the sauce.

You know sometimes you get ‘surprised’ by a new taste? I felt this way about the grapes in the grape sauce. The sauce tastes good, but not different I guess. The grapes though- delicious!

Duck Pot Pie ($22)

I think this is the most value-for-money dish, and it’s also one of my favourites. The stew of duck, carrots and mushrooms is comfort food for any rainy day. The puff pastry sealed all the heat inside so it was still steaming hot after we were done with the lamb rack. Couldn’t stop helping myself to the puff pastry because it was so stretchy, buttery and flavourful when I doused it with the wine sauce from the stew. The portion is really generous. I might not be able to finish it myself!

Durian Pengat ($8)

The durian pengat is another must-order. The durian pengat itself was very smooth and very strong in durian flavour (the smell lingers!). I like that they wrap it in a thin crepe- it’s less gelat. This is definitely one of the better versions of durian pengat I’ve tried.

Once again, thanks Dennis for the invite! The meal was great (:

Here’s a link to the menu:


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