Bali 2014: Ubud

Ubud: The place that got much attention after the movie adaptation of Eat, Pray, Love. As compared to Candidasa, Ubud is bustling with life. The number of tourists seem to outweigh the locals but funnily enough, I hardly saw (or rather, heard) any Singaporeans. Most of the tourists we met were Australian or Americans.

The most memorable part about Ubud, for me, was our accommodation. We splurged a little on this, but it was well worth it (THANKS DAD AND UNCLE HEHE). Plataran Ubud Hotel is a gorgeous, new, property located along Jalan Hanoman which is connected to the main road, Jalan Raya, and within walking distance from the Monkey Forest and the Market. I only wish we had more time to laze around in the Hotel. The rooms are located deeper within the compounds away from the main road, facing a lush rice paddy field. Breakfast is served at a breezy, open-aired restaurant facing the forest. Because the hotel is relatively new, the furnishings are still polished and clean with nary a trace of wear and tear despite being exposed to the elements.

Breakfast was made to order. We could choose between breakfast sets, or two ala carte items. We concluded that the most value-for-money order would be the eggs ben, and the bread basket haha.


We signed up for a couple of classes in Bali. I really enjoyed our batik class because we had the whole place to ourselves, and our skilled teachers were very kind and helpful. We painted, laughed, took bites of our gado-gado while two dogs sat by our feet hoping that we would drop some food.

Cooking class was run very differently. It was like a well-oiled machine with every process planned to a T. The class was huge (about 20 odd) and I couldn’t help being aware that we were the only Chinese participants.  The Indonesian dishes were down-to-earth, flavourful, and beautiful to look at. We definitely enjoyed it (happy tummies= happy customers), but next time maybe I’ll look for a class with a more intimate setting. That said, our hostess did make everyone feel very welcome, and I’m so impressed by how well she and her family are running the business!


The cousins and I have diametrically different interests. We are equally amused by each other’s obsessions. Can you imagine two girls fussing over buys that are totally different at night? The cousin bought metres of cloth because she’s making her own clothes now. I on the other hand, was thrilled by my new wooden utensils, gula melaka, and balinese vanilla 😛 You can find all these things at the Market in Ubud. The prices there are lower than any shop with a proper shopfront. By the way, don’t forget to haggle!

I dragged the cousin to cafes too. Seniman Coffee Studio for coffee, and Clear Cafe for juices.


Of course, we had our fair share of local food as well. Bebek bangor (Crispy duck), gado-gado, mee goreng, mee soto…. We loved the riot of color on every plate, and bowl that graced our table.


Till next time, Bali!