Paris 2012: 1728

If dining in the restored salons of Hotel Mazin La Fayette built in 1728 isn’t enough to impress you, I’m sure the food will.

Warm, crusty baguette with stretchy insides. My staple in Paris. 

Flavours 1728. The family friend who hosted us insisted on giving me a bit of his foie gras. Well technically I didn’t order another portion of foie gras? Haha. It was good though. I know most people like it pan-seared, something I never liked because the result just seemed like an oily mess? This was done the traditional way, a foie gras terrine served cold. Savoury  and slightly sweet (delicious marination!), buttery, smooth. 

Tataki: Ingots of Albacore tuna prepared tataki style, emulsion of saffron pastils, variations on artichokes. What I think the variations are: thick artichoke mash, vinegary artichoke hearts, steamed artichokes. A pleasant combination I must say

Rack of lamb, a signature of 1728

Selection of Arnaud Larher desserts

A surprisingly light choice. Grilled/baked (?) peaches layered on the top with some cake at the bottom. That quenelle of cream looked beautiful and went incredibly well with the acidic flavours of the peach. No wonder the combination of peaches and cream is so well liked.

Strawberry shortcake: another light one! The best rendition I’ve ever tasted. The cake base itself was a little crusty, and gave way to a light feathery chiffon-like crumb. The pistachio cream tied everything beautifully together.

It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience to dine amongst portraits and tapestry. The location is off the beaten track- we blindly followed our host all the way. It’s not cheap (mains about >35 Euros) but for fine-dining I actually think it’s reasonable. Just look at the  huge portions! And the ambiance is simply unbeatable.

Check out their menu and prices here.

When I’m feeling a little richer, this is one place I would love to revisit 😉