Coast and Company

After a lovely morning run, the friend and I drove all the way to the East to check out Coast and Co. These days, I have zero inclination to eat anything savoury at cafes because for me, breakfast fry-ups, poached eggs, and salads can be easily whipped up at home with little effort. Coast & Co has a small, and tight menu, but there is some sort “mod-sin” aspect to it because Chef Willin Low helped with its conceptualisation. What caught my eye were the toast options. We finally picked the Almond Peanut Butter Toast which turned out to be nothing I expected- I was pleasantly surprised. Instead of a smooth, creamy peanut butter, this was a gritty, fragrant, sweeter-than-normal spread. Think the peanut filling of tang yuan. This was a less watery version. I also liked the drizzle of honey that brought some mellow sticky sweetness.

There is no way one person can finish this. The flavours get monotonous after awhile. Sharing is caring!

Coast & Co is a lovely space to chill at. Happily snapped some photos because the place was empty at the start. Coffee is okay, but as for food, I recommend that you peruse the many other cheaper food options around the area before adjourning for a snack, or drink here. If you want to cafe-hop, Classic Cakes, Flor, and Dutch Colony @ Frankel are just round the corner.