On Assignment: interesting shop displays

How interesting can shop displays get? You’ll be surprised, very surprised indeed.

Forever 21 at Times Square New York

This interactive display attracted large crowds all day. Do you see me? I’m one of the tiny little people you see in the photo frantically waving away.

Louis Vuitton at New York 5th Avenue

A huge 2-D eiffel tower sketched on a 3-D glass facade. Nothing short of unique for this renowned french designer

Burger King at Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls Ontario

Nothing attracts more attention than Frankenstein eating a burger king whopper. But question is, would you want to eat what Frankenstein likes to eat?

The fudge factory at Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls Ontario

Tempting you using not only your sense of sight but also your sense of smell. The pastry chef gamely struck a pose as I snapped a photo of his giant caldron of fudge in the making.

The M&M store, you can spot it from Times Square, New York

Long cylinders of milk chocolate M&Ms dyed in a myraid of eye-popping colors. I don’t think self-service in the shop is a good idea though. People were helping themselves indiscriminately to the M&Ms (no it’s not supposed to be free) while others loaded their bags chock full of M&Ms for the sake of a photo before emptying it back into the machine. I sincerely hope they don’t recycle these M&Ms x.x

Bergdof  Goodman on 5th Avenue, New York

Antique mannequin heads are not something you see in shop displays everyday. I learnt from paris breakfasts that a photographer wanted to buy them but bergdof trumped her bid in the online auctions. In the end, she approached them to photograph these vintage beauties and they hired her!

A fruit stand that we dropped by to pick up some fruit en route to Niagara-On-the-lake

These make-shift stands don’t bother with all the fancy shmancy advertising puff. They just show you what they’ve got- fresh fruit up for grabs. I was totally smitten by the miniature baskets that they use to hold the fruit in place of plastic bags, especially the green ones!

Farmers market, Union Square New York

I won’t be waxing lyrical about how good the fruits are because they are not 😛

The fruit stall we frequent in sg sells us fruit that are 10 times sweeter than all of this. Dad and I are huge consumers of fruit at home. It’s the season for giant peaches, spanish melons (ending) and south african pacific rose apples now by the way 😀

So what is your favourite shop display out of all?