Australian Peaches

I know things have been a little stagnant in this blog lately, and it will continue to be so for awhile. Unfortunately juggling school work with weekly meetups with friends, church activities, and family time is proving to be quite a challenge for whatever reason this year. Not that I should be complaining of course, as dad has highlighted x times since school started.

Anyway before I scuttle off, I just want to share some info about the peaches that have made it home this month. Here we have the autumn snow, a peach with flesh that is tinged pink, and firm to bite. We had to ripen this on our own quite a bit but I must say it’s one of our more successful attempts!

Now in the fridge are white-fleshed peaches which are also from Australia. All hail the snow princesses and snow kings! Hopefully they taste even better than the Autumn snow 😀