Hong Kong 2014: Jenny Bakery 珍妮曲奇 (will you queue for butter cookies?)

If I had a list of my favourite cookies, shortbread and any other plain butter cookie variant would probably rank far below. Not that I don’t like them. It’s just that in my imaginary kingdom of cookies, the good ol’ chocolate chip must be king, and the oatmeal raisin his queen. Butter cookies are boring- definitely not something I crave for.

We have relatives in HK and my sweetest aunt and her husband got me a tin of Jenny Bakery’s butter cookies. My uncle, who is quite a foodie himself, told me that he braved a long queue just to get it! Apparently the mix of 8 got sold out, so he could only get me the mix of 4.

There are two layers of cookies to this tin.

I can’t really come up with a description in English for the taste and texture of these cookies. They aren’t like a french sablé which, though buttery as well, is a whole lot crunchier. These have a certain melt-in-the-mouth quality though they are nothing like sugee cookies. In chinese, the appropriate words would probably be 酥脆.

The ruffled cookies were a traditional plain butter cookie, and the other a light coffee flavoured butter cookie. These were more melt-in-the-mouth that the round versions. In fact, my favourite out of the tin would be the coffee butter cookie.

The round ones with a coarser crumb were a plain butter cookie, and a raisin cookie. The raisin cookie would be my second favourite. I liked how the raisins were ground into teeny bits so that they wouldn’t interfere much with the texture of the cookie.

I suppose the popularity of these cookies ride on their special texture, and rich, buttery flavour. Amongst the shortbread I’ve had, these are probably the best and the most special. Actually, they kind of grew on me afterwhile because I finished… 3/4s of the tin?

But seriously, I’ll never queue for cookies! (maybe I shouldn’t say so soon….)