Northern Queensland (Part 1)

Thanks to my cousin’s meticulous planning, our backpacking trip to Northern Queensland was a success!

Well not exactly backpacking haha. To put our parents’ minds at ease we spent a fair bit on accommodation and hiring guides to bring us around. Being the older one I also felt responsible for my cousin’s safety so I’m glad we didn’t try to go on budget!

S is such a great person to travel with. We grew up in very different environments and thus  have different perspectives about things but surprisingly, we also have very similar worldviews. More importantly, she has a good sense of adventure and is willing to move out of her comfort zone. That said S, if you are reading this, you need to kayak harder!! Hahaha. Okay my fault too I hate kayaking.

Northern Queensland is in short, for any adrenaline junkie and outdoor lover.

A mix of photos taken by me and cousin S!

Our first meal together @ Palm Cove. Those sauteed button mushrooms were so good. 

En route to our next destination, the Daintree Rainforest. We took a cruise to spot crocs and we got Arnotts (something we started to eat on almost a daily basis. the selection there is mind-boggling) and tea (something we drank almost everyday too).

Yup, we spotted Scarface.

There are only two ice cream parlours in the Daintree Rainforest and they are possibly the only dessert places in the entire place. Obviously, we had to make multiple visits for my daily dose of sugar. Here we have some interesting flavours from the Daintree Ice cream Company: Passionfruit, Macadamia, Wattle Seed and black Sapote

Our room! A huge tent on stilts how cool is that.

Only one source of food in the Daintree Rainforest for us. And that’s the kitchens of Crocodylus Village. Food that’s affordable and so delicious. We were in good hands (:

It was quite hilarious, dragging our luggage through the Rainforest to our house…

We went for the overnight paddle trek to Snapper Island offered by Crocodylus. Kayaking was a nightmare (not my thing) but all in all, good fun!

We had the island all to ourselves. Went to snorkel for the first time.

Did I mention that the sea shore is entirely made of dead coral?

Admired the gorgeous sunset whilst nibbling on the chocolate cake prepared by our guide (he cooked us dinner too!)

Cassowary signs everywhere but… we didn’t manage to see one 😦 For whatever reason, I kept spotting orange footed scrub fowls

Inside a Strangler’s Fig. It’s quite mesmerizing.

Pete, our guide, bringing us around the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. Here’s a little sand crab!

check out the little balls of sand they leave behind

Our very first dive at the Agincourt Reef. By then we were in Port Douglas.

Seeing another world down below was a breath-taking experience. Surviving the trip to the reef was tough (please eat lots of seasickness pills), we were freezingg but no regrets.

Traveled down from Port Douglas to Carins. More beaches. More Corals. More Snorkeling.

I must do this someday!

We did more stuff in Cairns but I’ll leave that for another day (: