Fix Cafe

I was terribly excited about Fix because their menu sounded promising and their pretty desserts looked too good in photos. After our visit, I felt that the desserts quite yummy but the savouries were unfortunately, not that great during our visit.

That said, the concept is there and maybe we were just there on a bad day. I won’t strike them off my list just yet. Their menu has lots of potential so I’m looking forward to a revisit (at least, to try some of their other desserts).

Fix is a poolside cafe located at the HomeTeamNS-JOM clubhouse. Come in your t-shirt, slacks, and flip flops and you’ll feel right at home.

Prices are fair as you can see from the menu above. If you order a main, you can add a drink for a cheaper price (how much, I can’t remember).

What was most disappointing about the naanwiches were the naans themselves. These were not fluffy, toasted or fragrant. You know the moment when you tear into a hot naan glazed with butter or ghee; that heady, toasty, charred flavour that hits you as you chew on it. I sincerely hope none of these naans were microwaved 😦

Another issue was that there was no sauce to tie everything together. This was particularly jarring for the vegetarian option of mushrooms and feta which tasted very dry.

My favourite of the lot was the beef with kimchi but I must say concept aside, I still much prefer my steaming plate of beef bulgogi delivered to me at Utown’s Hwang’s.

All the naanwiches came with a side of nachos that tasted like storebought nachos that were left out in the open for a bit too long. The chilli cheese fries were well received because it was the only thing that arrived hot but I couldn’t get the processed cheese out of my mind as I ate it. I know, I know, I’m such a snob I’M SORRY. For the price, I shouldn’t be expecting so much (should I?).


We had a couple of milkshakes- Butterscotch, Lemon Curd, and Black Sesame. My favourite was the lemon curd when it was icy cold. This is a refreshing option when the weather is warm but finish it before they lose their cool (food pun!).

But THIS is the reason why I still want to go back to Fix. Their Passionfruit, Mango and Coconut Chiffon cake tasted as good as it looked. It’s a very beautiful cake-  the squares of mango, dots of passionfruit and herb leaves set in the wobbly coconut mousse, even layers. Sure, it’s not a silky mousse like k ki but their chiffon layers were pleasantly fluffy and I loved the generous, thick layer of passionfruit curd that was light and creamy, rounded off by the acidic, fruity notes of passionfruit. Lots of effort was put into this and I could taste it.

Their salted egg yolk donuts were just plain donuts with a salted egg yolk dip. I think 80% of the deliciousness of liu sha bao is contributed by the overwhelming amount of filling that flows out when you tear the bao apart. So dipping donuts just doesn’t cut it. But I appreciate that the donuts were fresh out of the fryer, fluffy, and the salted egg yolk dip was not oily, and yet full of flavour.

Thanks S&N for the treat; you guys are too sweet 😀

I must say we still had lots of fun (because besides food, company matters), and our tummies were subsequently stuffed with Merely ice cream (for the others, victor’s kitchen too). Happy days.