Strangers’ Reunion #2

Finally went on a cafe-hop with the friends. Would have loved to spend a longer time in each but time was of the essence!

Still, Strangers’ Reunion did not disappoint. Was deliberating between Magic and my usual Cappuccino  but I finally decided on the latter because a double ristretto sounded a bit too much for my brain (correction: I was just told that their cappuccino has a double ristretto too lol!). Smooth with nary the acidity as usual, perfect for any uninitiated coffee-drinker like myself.

Dessert was pretty good as well- quite different from the norm in other cafes, and all beautifully constructed. Some places have the cheek to charge a premium for ugly pastries that they try to pass off as rustic. Unconscionable. 

Green tea cake had a delicious white chocolate green tea buttercream which muted the bitterness of the green tea. Loved the liberal dusting of green tea powder! The flan, which would be better described as a frangipane tart, was equally well made though not exactly mind-blowing.