Boston 2012: Frozen treats from BerryLine and Toscanini

1. BerryLine

I’ve been searching for the perfect cup of froyo for the longest time and BerryLine sells my favourite so far. As a caveat, I admit that I didn’t bother trying any other froyo stall (like the ever popular Pinkberry which seemed to enjoy queues at every outlet). I’m a creature of habit. When I like something I can go back multiple times and have the same stuff without feeling tired of the food.

BerryLine’s froyo is light, yet creamy- it actually tastes like real yogurt, not some frozen syrup. Each location sells different flavours and they are all well worth a try. I’m usually a little skeptical about flavours other that the original because usually it’s just the product of artificial sweeteners. Not at BerryLine! My cup of strawberry cheesecake froyo had gritty pieces of cheesecake base and the light cheesiness of cream cheese. I won’t be surprised of they blended the real thing in with their original yogurt.

My favourite outlet would be the one at Newbury Street. There’s someone there who makes the most delicious, crunchy cookies ever which are perfect as a topping. Here’s the amount of cookies they stuffed into my cup of  froyo for the price of 1 topping. If you get 2 toppings, they stuff the same amount just that you have 2 varieties.

Because BerryLine (and all the major cafes in Boston) usually cater to the student community, they provide free Wifi in their shops. Free Wifi is godsent for any traveler!

I also trekked down to their Fenway outlet when I went to the Isabella Stuart Gardner Musuem. I can’t remember what flavour I had but I remember sampling their Taza Chocolate which was very good. If you are undecided on flavours just get samples. They are really generous with it.

The toppings here were less interesting but the sugared pecans did catch my eye. Crunchy, sweet and predictably, very addictive. I knew I should have gotten a bigger cup!

2. Toscanini

Ice cream parlors are a dime in a dozen now but Toscanini is still much beloved by tourists and locals alike.

A small will get you two scoops.

They got everything right here. Smooth and airy (not sticky or dense, yet not overwhipped and foamy). Flavour-wise it’s not in-your-face or sweet (like ben & jerry’s). Words that come to mind: refined, light, and not overwhelmingly sweet. I believe every good ice cream parlour should have a long list of flavours. Check out Toscanini’s list here. I had Vietnamese Coffee (below) and Orange Creamsicle (above) which incidentally aren’t even on the list. Their tubs are not labeled properly so just focus your attention on the blackboard and choose from there.

This place is close to MIT. Another pit-stop you can make after you walk through the labyrinth they call a school 😉