OChre: fantastic hand-made pasta

OChre’s located all the way up in the 11th floor of Orchard Central, so you can expect to see a panoramic view of the entire Orchard Road.

The breads were all right, but I’m not so much of a fan of airy breads with soft, limp crusts.

The staff was really kind to split the salad into two portions, though they didn’t really have to. I was more interested with the mushrooms and the ricotta cheese. Leaves went to the friend 😛

Got the ravioli of the day. Pasta was hand-made, al dente, and really exceeded my expectations. The thick mushroom cream was full of woody aromas which paired excellently with the mild flavour of the ricotta generously stuffed between the perfectly round pasta sheets. The grated parmesan lifted the flavours a few more notches, the cherry atop the icing I would say. 5 were just about right, anymore would have been too rich for me.

The friend’s tagliatelle looked equally tantalizing. It was a substantial portion actually, contrary to what this photo suggests.

And to end it all, molten chocolate cake that really oozed chocolate. The hazelnut bits were a delight, but sigh I should have been a little more adventurous. Molten chocolate cake is so cliche.

A lovely dinner, pretty posh but the overall bill was actually quite reasonable. Maybe it’s because they don’t charge the 10% service charge, and there’s a 10% off for all DBS/POSB credit/debit card holders 😀