Plain Vanilla Bakery @ Yong Siak Street

PV’s new outlet is one of the newest additions to the Tiong Bahru area. The space is definitely bigger, and if you like their fb page or follow them on twitter you will get to know of all the little events they hold at their new premises.

Clockwise from top left: Earl Grey lavender, Salted Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Peanut butter

I’m always impressed by PV’s cake bases. Not only is there a variety available, the flavours are always prominent and the crumb of the cake itself is very moist. Of course being different kinds of cake bases you can expect some to be denser or have a softer crumb than others. That provides us with a greater incentive to try all her cupcakes right??

My main grouse -which I have mentioned before- is how sweet her frosting is. Still loving the frosting of twelve cupcakes a little more. The Earl Grey Lavender for example, had a lovely smokey, flowery flavour going on with the cake base but once I had it with the icing all the flavours got lost. Not that it wasn’t delicious all the same. I finished every single crumb heh.

The same goes for the salted caramel though the sea salt did help to cut through the sweetness in the frosting. And I reiterate, the cake base was awesome- very similar to the brown sugar cinnamon which I think is one of my favourites. Dense, soft crumb, moist cake. The salted caramel flavour wasn’t lost in the cake by the way.

Anyway enough about cake. Did you guys catch Gordon Ramsay at Newton Food Centre? I didn’t go but I watched the live stream and gosh, no offence but the hosting was terrible. Seemed like everyone wanted to hog the mike but no one seemed to realise that we only want to hear Gordon Ramsay or the hawkers talk!!