Tokyo 2014: Conrad Tokyo

I’ve never named a hotel in the title of my blog post before, but Conrad Tokyo is easily one of the best, and most memorable hotels I’ve stayed in. Well, I guess the whole experience is commensurate with the price…

The hotel is located at the top floors of the 37 storey Shiodome building. On weekends, the roads are peaceful and quiet but on weekdays, it’s a hive of activity because it’s the central business district. The hotel entrance is separate from the entrace to the offices so there is no need to worry about lift congestion whatsoever. With the JR pass (note: you need to buy this in Singapore because it’s a discounted pass for foreigners.), we had unlimited rides on the Yamanote Line. Shimbashi, a stop along this Yamanote Line, is about a 5-10 minute walk from our hotel and it’s accessible via an overhead pass which is mostly sheltered.

Breakfast didn’t come with the room but we were not bothered by that. Tsukiji Market is just a 10-15 minute walk away from the hotel and that place alone, can easily satisfy all our morning needs. The adjoining shopping centre has breakfast joints like Starbucks and St Marc Cafe anyway.

Service was impeccable at the hotel. While the parents were getting the keys, a lady took time off to chat with me before we left for our room. Everyone was personable, and well-spoken and they took efforts to go beyond just being polite. The Concierge was fluent in English, and she was armed with all information to answer any question. In particular, her “ramen map” of Ginza was extremely helpful (there were close to 8 joints of ramen near our hotel?).

The room itself was spacious, clean, and warm. The full-length windows ensured that the room felt bright and airy in the morning. Lazing by the window and travelling out only at 11am in the morning was justified by the gorgeous views from our room.

Because the hotel is close to Ginza, we spent most of our waking hours there. It’s an expensive area but there are a couple of affordable brands like uniqlo, and muji. In any case, i had a good time window shopping!