Hong Kong 2014: Sang Kee Restaurant (生記海鮮飯店)

Sang Kee is located in a nondescript building at Wan Chai but this place is quite a gem. They have been serving classic Cantonese fare for years and the place is very popular. Reservations  are a must!

Recently I’ve developed a stronger liking for Asian fare. The myriad of flavours keep me interested and I love the punchy, fermented stuff like soybean paste, gochujang, miso, soy sauce, shrimp paste, fish sauce etc. Another thing is how food is sent out from the kitchens at an extraordinary speed.  Perfect for starving diners who just want to inhale everything that is set on the table.

Anyway, back to Sang Kee. Everything was delicious, food was sent out at a reasonable speed, and though we actually spent only an hour or an hour and a half at the restaurant, we didn’t feel rushed at all. The uncle tending to our table cracked jokes, and even treated us to 白糖糕 at the end. Ingredients used were also of good quality. We learned from our HK friends that fresh chicken is hard to come by due to a ban of imports of live chickens from the mainland. Our waiter assured us that at Sang Kee, they only used live chickens and the one we ate was from a local farm.


Happily lapped up our Chinese Watercress soup which was very intense with the rich pork bone flavour and the crisp notes of watercress. I love chinese boiled soups. How did I survive in Dublin without them?

Lotus root patties

Silky soft tofu , beancurd skin stirfry given a light shower of shrimp roe powder.

Salt-baked chicken. Juicy, tasty stuff. The meat actually tasted sweet and not plain.

Oh yes, we finished every bit of this fat fish. The flesh was flakey sweet, and the sauce had just the right amount of soy.

Love the light, fermented flavours.

Worth a trip down if you are seeking unpretentious canto fare.