Mooncake Series 2011, #3: Peony Jade

What’s mid-autumn festival in Singapore without our locally inspired durian snowskin creations? Famous brands offering this include Home’s favourite, Four seasons, Goodwood Park, and of course, Peony Jade.

Organic Pandan Snow Skin 100% Pure Top Grade Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncakes ($68 for 4, $37.50 for 2)

We like to enjoy this mooncake 2 ways. One, when it hasn’t thawed much (at about the 10 min mark), so much so it resembles durian ice-cream. The second, is when it has thawed completely (20-25 mins)- at this stage the filling is smooth, creamy and rich with a bitter aftertaste. Infusing pandan into the snowskin is a brilliant idea in my opinion because it adds a new flavour dimension to the mooncake, and uplifts the flavour of the Mao Shan Wang filling- something like what a tiny bit of coffee powder does to chocolate- allowing it to edge out slightly from its counterparts.

Oh yes, BEWARE of any little durian seeds in the filling. There was one little piece in the one I had yesterday!

Since there was a promotion whereby the 2nd box came with 50% off (sorry folks, it’s over), we bought another box with Peony Jade’s 4 Heavenly flavours.

Snow Skin Pure Chempedak Mooncakes ($29 for 2, $52 for 4)

The filling of the Chempedak Mooncake is again very satisfying because they use real chempedak pulp.

Less impressive is their Snow Skin Pink Guava with Aloe Vera & Plum Mooncake. It’s tart and refreshing, but aside from that it simply reminds me of sorbet. I can’t imagine having it totally thawed.

I couldn’t help chuckling to myself when I ate the Snow Skin Premium Alphonso Honey Mango Sago Pomelo Mooncake (is it just me or does anyone else notice that Alphonso, mango, sago and pomelo rhyme?!) because it really did taste like mango pudding. But again, I’m not very impressed by this because it felt like a lot of sugar was added to balance out the tartness of the mangoes.

If you are considering to buy Mao Shan Wang durian mooncakes (and you should), Peony Jade must definitely be on your list! From 1st – 12th Sept, all AMEX, ANZ, Capitacard, Citibank, DBS, HSBC, Stan Chart, UOB Credit & Debit card holders enjoy 15% off for a min spending of $50 for their mooncakes.