Eatin’ and breathin’ the king of fruits

Tis the season to be jolly!

Dad came home beaming not only with apricots ( and cherries, strawberries, oranges, new zealand pacific rose apples, persimmons, nectarines) but also with two ginormous durians 😀 Yayness!

The fruit stall uncle that we frequent handpicked a few durians to sell ( talk about quality control) and claimed that these two babies were from the breed often hailed as the king of all kings: Mao Shan Wang. There was of course no tag or certification whatsoever that proved that these were the real deal but dad gave him the benefit of the doubt anyway.

The pulp was rich, buttery and creamy beyond words. And of course, the smell wafted from the first floor to the second floor leaving almost the whole house scented (tho some might beg to differ) with durian aroma.

The difference between Mao Shan Wang and its inferior cousins is its bittersweet flesh. We loved these durians even more than the ones we usually have at this time of the year at dempsy road. But the experience of eating durians in an open air carpark is unreplacable so looks like a visit to the the durian stall at dempsy is on the cards!

Love love durians ❤