Warwick Castle

While we were in London in December 2009 (it really doesn’t seem that long ago, it’s amazing how time flies) we made a day trip via a train to Warwick. It’s a very quiet and laid-back town and because it was winter we barely saw anyone walking along the streets. Coupled with the dark skies, the place did seem very dreary at first.

The main attraction there, Warwick Castle, is the perfect place for young and old.

This place caters to kids because of all the funny ‘attractions’ they have within the castle but the exhibitions inside and the stone architecture are things that teenagers and adults will definitely appreciate and enjoy too.

There was a role play going on inside one of the towers. The kids were picked to act certain roles and they got a little too excited at times……

It did get a little eerie when no one was around

The dim lighting and the wax figurines didn’t help. King Henry VIII had six wives (all present in this room) two of whom he beheaded!

A humongous christmas tree for the festive season

Dining options were limited. Wait, I stand corrected. There were no options that day!

All of us had Yorkshire pudding with carvings of turkey and chicken and an assortment of veggies. Brussel sprouts were very cute, they look like mini cabbages 😉 The food turned cold really quickly because of the weather.

We embarked on the steep climb in hopes of a view of the city.

No high-rise buildings in sight, what a relief!

The Chistmas tree looks tiny from this height

We had a lot of fun immersing ourselves in the medieval surroundings and learning bits and pieces of English history. I can imagine the place bustling with people, more specifically kids, during the warmer periods.