HK 2014: More egg tarts!

Snapped up some cheap Scoot tickets for a quick getaway to Hong Kong. The flight timings are really horrendous so I strongly discourage anyone from buying them! I felt really bad because my parents were suffering from a lack of sleep. Leaving for korea this weekend and I’m already having jitters about how my friends are going to cope with AirAsia. I can sleep anywhere so budget flights aren’t an issue for me but it’s not the same for everyone :S

Well that aside, the trip was a lot of fun! We stayed at Tsim Sha Tsiu this time round instead of Causeway Bay. As a result we left our comfort zone and tried many other new places.

To kickstart the posts on HK, I thought it’s only fitting that I pick up where I left off 2 years ago...

Macau Restaurant was an unexpected find as we wandered around the vicinity of our hotel just to get our bearings. The brightly lit cha chaan teng was bustling with the morning crowd- a good mix of locals and lost tourists like us. The Portugese egg tarts had a decent flaky crust but what stood out was the fluffy sweetened egg white filling. Best of all, it was just popped out of the tin, fresh out of the oven. Wash it all down with some iced milk tea (they chill the milk tea in a bowl of ice) or hot soya bean milk. Good stuff. The usual suspects like luncheon meat with instant noodles, macaroni, wanton noodles, toast etc look pretty decent too. If you are in the vicinity (Victoria harbour and the avenue of stars), this is a good breakfast spot to consider.

Address: G/F. 23A Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsiu, Kowloon

open from 7am-12am

Of course, I can’t leave HK without my egg tart fix from Tai Cheong Bakery (This is close to Wellington Street (MTR: Central), a foodie hotspot). I was craving for this so much that we literally braved the elements (i.e. downpour) to get here! The crumbly, buttery crust was still as good as ever and the sweetness of the wobbly filling was just right for me. It’s a pity that they don’t have a seating area for weary fanatics like myself. Spotted in the fridge were huge egg tarts for mother’s day :O

The highlight of our short day trip to Macau was Portugese egg tarts from Margaret’s Café e Nata 玛嘉烈蛋挞. It’s located at an obscure back alley, behind a bank. Your best bet of finding the place is asking for directions at the tourism office at Senado square (note: you can visit St. Paul’s Ruins first, buy all your goodies from Kou Kei before heading back to Senado Square to ask for directions). Giving you an address is useless!

The filling was good but I loved the crispy layers of puff pastry that held everything together. I prefer shortcrust pastry because of the crunch but this puff pastry was so well done that I didn’t miss it at all. Definitely worth the trip from Senado Square. If you need something more substantial, they do sandwiches too. There is an outdoor seating but you might have to wait a bit because the place is perpetually crowded (even on rainy days!).

Honestly there is nothing much to do in Macau unless you gamble, and I hate gambling so just imagine my disdain as we walked into Stanley Ho’s Hotel Lisboa to seek shelter from the rain. All the smoke didn’t help haha. Fortunately, there were some very beautiful oriental art pieces at the ground floor for us to enjoy.

The great wall of China carved into a mammoth’s tusk!

Spot the mischievous Sun Wu Kong in this huge elephant tusk.