Kyoto 2014: Nakamura Tokichi

Just when I thought my adventures in Kyoto had ended, I stumbled across a brilliant, enticing advert at Kyoto Station itself…

So I bought a cone while the parents got themselves a proper lunch…

Instead of a regular matcha softserve, I discovered that Nakamura Tokichi also does a Hoji-cha softserve. Fortunately for greedy sugar monsters like myself, they offer both flavours in a single swirl. Saved me the trouble of getting two cones.

The softserve was extremely creamy and rich- I was so full after that. The Uji matcha was thick, grassy and bitter, exactly how I like my matcha desserts to be. But I found myself craving for more of the delicious roasted, toasty flavour of the Hoji-cha softserve.

I was actually planning to visit their main store at Uji but that didn’t pan out. This last minute encounter was a pleasant surprise (: