Why you should NOT rush to book for restaurant week

I’m on a hiatus, but I feel the need to highlight some things to all those who are rushing for restaurant week.

If you are planning to go for lunch, please check the price of the regular set lunch menu in that restaurant. Weekday set lunch prices are already very competitive in the first place. If you are picking a place with a dining star (ie you will pay 40++), you are almost set for a loss on your side.

Also, if there is a menu provided, check if you like what is offered. One man’s food is another man’s poison- it always helps to set your expectations! Most of the fine dining places are fine with replacing dishes for you if you have dietary restrictions, whether medical or ethical (eg. you don’t eat foie gras) but it’ll be good if you inform them beforehand.

The Dining stars mean $$$$$.

I quote “The additional charge of S$15++ for lunch and S$20++ for dinner is applicable.”

Those without the star are fixed at $25++ for lunch and $35++ for dinner.

So choose wisely folks!