RIP Mr Lee

A man who is respected, hated at times and yet also loved by the masses. The friend commented about how his greatest legacy is that his passing has not caused some sort of political riot – so true. I would add that it’s amazing how his passing has caused some sort of unity to grow organically from the masses. Maybe it’s not so unexpected since he is a part of Singaporean identity.

Long time ago my Project Work was on Lee Kuan Yew. Naturally, that involved a lot of reading up on his policies, but what attracted me most about this man was his values. He led a relatively simple life without being lavish or ostentatious. Neither did he use his power to lord over everyone for his own benefit. He was hard-lined and pragmatic, but it was not for his own ends. During his last years, he was also a husband who loved his wife till the very end.

Rest in peace Mr Lee Kuan Yew and I hope you are in a better place.


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