To the Muffinry!

The friends went a little crazy when they learnt about the muffinry. Didn’t help that almost every other article published on this new cafe waxed lyrical about their simple concept of muffins, and coffee.

So to the muffinry we went! It’s a small hole-in-the-wall cafe, with the sweet and savoury smells of fresh muffins cooling in the cabinets and fresh coffee brewing. We met Shareen and I think she was pretty amused by our enthusiasm over her muffins. Haha.

Now if you buy a box of 6 (the 6th one not pictured because it was a savoury, green eggs and ham which Shareen helpfully bagged separately) it costs only $12 which is really cheap considering they are all hand made in small batches. They aren’t very big, but they are just about right for a tea-time snack/ a really really light breakfast. And i almost forgot to mention, you get a free muffinry bag to store your goodies too if you buy 6. Reuse it the next round you visit and you’ll get 50 cents off. A friend commented he would pay just for the bag!

The muffins have an amazingly fine crumb as you can see. They are suited more for adults- i.e. less sugar, less butter, less oil but more natural ingredients and still delicious. We like the best of both worlds don’t we?

I tried Lavender Lemon, Signature Spiced Carrot, and Apply blueberry crumble out of which the favourite was their signature spiced carrot. The spices made it very aromatic, and the light sweetness of the grated carrot made up for the less flavourful crumb (largely due to the reduction of sugar I believe). The lavendar lemon smelt beautiful but taste-wise, the friends and I felt it was slightly lacking. Again, I blame the high tolerance for sugar that I have. Apple blueberry crumble would also be something that I recommend, for its light buttery topping and the perfectly fine crumb that the muffinry nails so well.

There’s also something to be said about their macarons ($2 per piece). They are actually pretty good, texture and technique- wise albeit a little on the sweet side (heck, when are macarons not sweet). Flavours are limited for now but perhaps that will change in the future.

When time permits, I’ll definitely be back. Their creme brulee tart is recommended by many but do call to check if its available.

On a side note, exams are coming so this blog will be on a hiatus for awhile. Happy eating folks!


112 Telok Ayer Street

Singapore 068581

Mon-Fri       8am – 5pm

Sat             10am – 4pm

Website: here