Back from Fukuoka!

View from our hotel window on the 6th Floor in Grand Hyatt. This was before the rain/snow

Gosh it was COLD in Fukuoka. Of course not as cold as Hokkaido ( which I find is becoming much of a popular tourist spot amongst Singaporeans!) but cold enough for this girl. It’s funny because it did snow but the snow melted upon touching the ground.  

It took good 2 days to acclimatize because I’m so used to cool or hot temperatures for the past few trips. But this was a good choice for travel, a nice chilly wrap-up to the end of the year. Fukuoka in general seems much less touristy vis-a-vis the other places I’ve been to this year. People there are friendly and really encouraging when you utter a few Japanese words ( I unfortunately returned most of what I learned from 1 module of Japanese class, heh) plus plus, the food and shopping are stellar, hallmarks of a truly good vacation for our family! I’ll be randomly writing about Hyderabad, Fukuoka and of course the fantastic eats found on our very own sunny island so watch this space.

Meanwhile, a very happy new year to everyone! I’ve been planning my new year resolutions (which unfortunately almost never seem to work out). The usual unsuccessful ones are reducing my sugar+chocolate intake ( add ice-cream to the list now) and studying harder. I’m definitely going to take the latter more seriously though, complacency has definitely got the better of me and it’s time to really get into business. There is a huge incentive to do well because if I do, I get to choose (freely) where I want to go on exchange!

If you have yet to finalize your new year resolutions, I hope you see the light soon. The back you see in the photo is really the most you will see of my dad in this blog 😉 He gamely posed for this photo at Fukuoka Art Museum located near Ohori Park.

Oonce again, have a happy new year and God Bless!