Dijon: William Frachot, 2 Michelin Stars

Lest you think this blog is turning into a dessert blog…. no. It’s just that I hardly had any restaurant dinners/ lunches prior to traveling (dim sum lunches not counted). And even if I did, there was nothing much to blog home about…

Well. Our recent trip to Dijon changed everything. Went for 2 Michelin-starred meals, the first at  Le Pré aux Clercs (one michelin star) and the second at William Frachot (2 michelin stars). Both were lunches and we ate so much that dinners were extremely light for both days.

William Frachot is located in Hostellerie du Chapeau Rouge (Best Western) which was incidentally the hotel we stayed in. Reservations are a must and do note the place is closed on Sundays (as with most places) and mondays.

Mum went with the Discovery Menu (4 courses) for 75 Euros. Having learnt our lesson the day before, dad and I went for more conservative 3 course and 2 course meals respectively from the ala carte menu.

Our meal was nothing short of excellent and every course got us excited! It wasn’t just the plating that got us intrigued. The different techniques and ingredients produced tastes, combinations and textures we never encountered.

Amuse Bouche #1

These things were tiny, so adorable, and packed with flavour. That creamy quail egg with the balsamic reduction was delicious- bursting with umami flavour and acidity that cut through the rich creaminess. Loved the toast as well which had what tasted like a foie gras pâté and blackberry jam.

And then came flakey, warm, buttery bread rolls… served with normandy butter and sea salt… I LOVE THEIR BREAD. Throw foresight out of the window. Just eat all the bread they give you!

Amuse Bouche #2

At this point, dad and I gleefully congratulated each other about our wise choice of going ala carte hehe. Squid done different ways with a crustacean flavoured sauce. If my memory serves me right, it was langoustine. It was evident that William Frachot took pride in exhibiting a variety of techniques in every dish they served.


Big Green Asparagus, Yellow Wine Creamy Sauce, Perigord Truffles

Finally, the start of mum’s discovery menu. Grilled Asparagus and creamy sauce- a classic pairing.

Dad’s Ravioli Starter- Raviolis stuffed with foie gras, langoustines, and truffle with a creamy soy broth. Needless to say, they were delicious. I actually like foam in a dish because it comes across as another kind of texture for me. Overdoing it is another story of course.

Mum’s first main course of John Dory, roasted lettuce and wild garlic broth. The john dory was so soft and almost creamy. Unbelievable.

Grilled back of cod, shells, First Spring Vegetables Soup, eggplant caviar, marinated vegetables

My side came as a deconstructed vegetable ratatouille. Beautiful, no?

That grilled back of cod was so good. Soft, firm flesh, sweet. Hands down, best dish consumed for the trip, heck make it the year, for me.

We loved dad’s pigeon as well. Done to a perfect medium rare. Soft and extremely tender.

Mum’s second main, veal. This was done to more of a medium. Tender and delicious. Sigh I’m overusing adjectives already haha.

I felt that mum’s grand marnier souffle was undercooked. But it’s hard to nit-pick on the done-ness of a souffle I guess since the insides are supposed to be foamy anyway.

Dad’s Strawberries, Wasabi and Verbena. Felt that this tasted a little normal, but still better than mum’s dessert. Desserts aren’t really the strong suit of this place.

This is a terrible photo but I thought my dessert was the best of the lot. It’s a lemon pie with saffron sorbet. The crunchy tart base and the creamy lemon curd were done really well. Loved the fresh, lemony acidity of the curd in particular.

Ended off with petit-fours. Blackcurrant pastilles were perfect, tender and bursting with sweet acidity.

Look at the amount of effort they put into the petit-fours x.x

The total damage done after everything above plus still water, juice, teas, coffee and some wine was close to 300 euros. This place is definitely a must-visit if you are in Dijon! Definitely one of the highlights for me. By the way, we enjoyed our stay in the hotel too. The staff were extremely sincere and helpful. We couldn’t have asked for more.