Mooncakes 2014: SIA; Peony Jade Mao Shan Wang; Raffles Hotel Snowskins; Park Royal Teochew Mooncakes

So… a round-up of what we had so far.

We got some SQ mooncakes this year. I won’t say the quality of the packaging is top-notch but I think they got some company to come up with gimmicky -but not so silly- ideas. For example, the lids of the small individual boxes can be used as coasters, and the SQ golden badge at the centre is a detachable magnet. Tastewise, I like that each box has 4 different variants of the traditional lotus paste which tasted pretty good actually. Thin crust, and the paste was pretty smooth (it doesn’t stick to the roof of the mouth) and moist for a baked mooncake. I liked the white lotus paste with black sesame.

Pandan with 5 grains

This is Park Royal’s Teochew Mooncake. We hardly have Teochew Mooncakes because they can’t be kept for long. While I loved the lumpy (In a good way. I could tell  lots of fresh yam went into the mix), creamy orh nee filling, it was way too rich and heaty for me. Well it’s deep-fried and I suppose a lot of lard went into the orh nee. I think I’ll be sticking to just orh nee in restaurants haha. Still, it was a pretty good teochew mooncake.

Look at the pastel purple hue! Pretty shade (:

Moving on to the stuff we buy every. single. year. You’d probably find a couple of entries from past years about Peong Jade’s Mao Shan Wang and Raffles Hotel’s Snowskins in my archives. We are loyal customers.

We like to eat Peong Jade’s Mao Shan Wang frozen. This is a very refreshing mooncake. Everything is perfect, from the creamy, rich, filling to the  pandan snowskin. I must rave about the snowskin. It’s soft, tasty, not chewy with artificial tasting essences. The pandan flavour doesn’t really come through because, well, we are dealing with a 100% Mao Shan Wang filling here? But don’t you agree it’s the most appropriate hue for a durian snowskin mooncake? It’s just like a durian- green on the outside and bright yellow within.

Oh. And this is one flavour that we don’t like to share. We can -easily- inhale half a mooncake in one sitting.

 Another place that nails snowskin is Raffles Hotel. Their bestselling flavour, and rightly so, is the Champagne truffle. If you are looking for an overwhelming alcoholic hit, this is not for you. It’s pretty strong, but there are definitely others out there with a much stronger alcoholic flavour. I love the balance here though. And that snowskin. Again, so delicious because it’s soft, not chewy, and lightly sweet. The lotus paste is incredibly smooth- that’s also one of the great things about snowskin mooncakes, the filling is never sticky and dried out.

As usual, dad bought a lot haha. We are truly blessed. Champagne truffle (White), Irish Coffee (brown), Rum Raisin (pink), Cognac (orange).

The irish coffee was surprisingly delicious. The whiskey wasn’t that strong and it matched the coffee notes quite nicely. My second favourite after the champagne truffle.